Why Are You Reading If You Just Want to Rock ??

Percussion Center offers an alternative to boring and ineffective reading/method books.

Most music schools start their adult beginner guitar, piano and bass students with one of the standard reading/method books. Their answer to “I want to learn to play rock guitar, bass, or piano” is “first you have to learn to read music.” So, new students assume that reading music is necessary if you want to learn to play.

Not to discourage people from learning to read music, but the simple fact is that for playing rock, reading staff notation is not necessary. It’s not even advantageous. In our view, for adult beginners, learning staff notation is a time-consuming distraction from learning to actually play and interact with music. It’s a pain in the neck, an unnecessary hoop the student has to jump through.

There is an alternative. A chord-based, play-by-ear approach is more natural for adult beginners.

Percussion Center’s Rock Lesson Programs teach you to read and interact with music by ear. It’s a completely different perspective on music from what you’re used to.

The standard reading/method books have their place. Kids and parents get a sense of accomplishment when their teacher fills out the certificate of completion at the end of the book. The books and regular weekly lessons provide structure. With a good teacher, a kid can learn a lot in the time it takes to get through one of these books.

The standard reading/method books are not a good fit for adult beginners who want to jam with their friends and their album collection. A chord-based, ear-based approach is faster and psychologically easier on both the student and teacher. Learning the basics of rock guitar is not that difficult, and doesn’t take that long if you take a logical, conditioning-based approach.

The goal of the Rock Programs at Percussion Center is playing in time with a recording, or with other musicians. With our guided practice routines and your smart phone, learning guitar, piano and bass has never been easier.

Besides, most teachers don’t bother to use the CD or audio tracks included in the price of the book. That’s too bad, because some of them are really good. The writers went to a lot of trouble to produce those tracks. It’s like having live, professional musicians on demand. You’re missing your chance to learn interactive skills along with the book.

Ask your teacher to use the audio tracks that come with your books.

And if your goal is to read staff, then the standard lesson/reading books by themselves are not an efficient way. You should also be using electronic flash cards, and other graded reading supplements. Reading music at a level you’re comfortable with is fun. Are you having fun reading music now?

At Houston Percussion Center School of Music, we’ve got graded reading supplements for all levels of guitar, piano and bass.

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