Percussion Center’s Rock Lesson Programs

The Houston Percussion Center offers Rock Lesson Programs in piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums. We’ve created these programs as an alternative to boring lessons based on note-reading method books. We’re responding to what you, the customer, have told us you want from a modern-day music school. Our guided practice routines are as close as your phone, day or night.

Rock Lessons are a modern approach to learning modern music.

‘Rock Lessons’ are a visual, conditioning-based, play-by-ear approach to teaching and playing music. You’ll learn ‘creative interaction,’ a skill set that combines playing, listening and interpreting. You need this skill set to work in many professional situations. Creating modern music requires skills that many¬† music schools neglect or ignore. (There are not many jobs left where you play sheet music someone else has written.)

We have many videos in our lesson library. But once you’re comfortable with the basics on your instrument, then the backbone of our Rock Lessons is our library of audio practice tracks and jam tracks (with charts and tabs).

You”ll learn music in visual terms. Not because you spend your time watching someone else play. You’ll learn theory and hand movements in terms of shapes and distances. Shapes and distances correspond to sounds and melodies. That’s how theory, technique and sound (real music) combine into one.

Once you learn to read, interpret and interact with music by ear, sight doesn’t have a role in playing. Looking at your hands on the instrument is incidental to playing.

We have a lot more to tell you about our one-of-a-kind lesson programs. You can read more about Percussion Center’s innovative approach to training the next generation of creative musicians. You can even record a cover song and sell it on iTunes!

Each student in the Rock Program gets his or her own lesson page. Your lesson page has links to all of the lessons you’ve taken.

Free Guitar Lesson Page

Free Piano Lesson Page

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