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Our rock piano program is unlike any other in the area. At other music schools, ‘rock piano’ means sheet music arrangements of rock songs for solo piano. If you’ve bought sheet music before, you know it doesn’t show you what the piano played on the recording. The purpose of our Rock Piano program is to teach you how to play real piano parts from real rock songs. You’ll learn the techniques and  musical concepts to some of the greatest songs from the 1960s to the present.

You don’t have to read music to learn with our Rock Piano Program. Rock Programs use an interactive, visual, shape-based, play-by-ear approach. Form the first lesson, you learn to play in real time with real music. If you’ve taken lessons before, you’ll see the Percussion Center difference in the first five minutes.

Our library of keyboard practice tracks means a fun, focused, effective practice is always as close as your phone or tablet. All of the practice parts include staff notation, for those who already read staff, and note names with finger numbers for those who don’t. Practice routines are short and repetitive, so you can memorize them easily, and focus on one musical idea.

Roots of Rock Keyboard Course

Listen to just a few of the practice tracks in our new ‘Roots of Rock Keyboard’ course. These are genuine rock keyboard parts, but they’re easy enough for beginners. They all go with famous rock songs. They sound cool, and they’re a lot of fun to play along with.

Rock Keyboard Practice Samples

1  Bass note and power chords in E

2  Power chord progression

3  Bass notes and power chords in A

4  Power chords with single-lines

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