Rock Lessons for Guitar


What’s so special about Percussion Center’s Rock Guitar Lesson Program? If you’ve taken lessons before, you’ll see the difference in the first five minutes.

You get a shape-based, play-by-ear approach that makes playing music feel easy and natural. You don’t read music. With only a few open chords on the guitar, you can play thousands of great songs. Some songs are simple enough to strum along with after only one lesson.

How the guitar feels matters. You can’t play well if you’re not comfortable. Practice will get you there, but practice by itself is not an efficient way to develop the level of comfort you need to play well. There are easy conditioning steps that can speed up the process.

For adults, it doesn’t take that long to gain a foundation in music. And you’re not committing to a radical change in lifestyle, or meeting new demands . Most adults see real progress on their own after only a few lessons.

We offer a way of learning music that fits in with your busy lifestyle. We don’t make demands on your time. We suggest that you try to practice 15 minutes, 3 times a week.

Here are just a few of the songs our beginners are playing along with after only a few lessons:

• Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
• Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
• Can’t You See – Marshall Tucker Band
• Free Falling – Tom Petty
• Last Dance With Mary Jane – Tom Petty
• Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker
• Every Rose Has It’s Thorn – Poison
• Counting Stars

The choice of songs is completely up to you. We can write custom tabs and charts.  Use your phone to take demo videos, to help you remember what to practice.

The Dots Method

The ‘Dots Method’ was developed by Greg Varhaug, one of our teachers for guitar, bass and piano. Colored adhesive dots applied to your guitar neck make it easy to learn chords and scales.

Efficient Guided Practice Routines

Our library of play along practice tracks and videos are a fun way to a great practice session. The play-alongs also give you a feel for a variety of musical styles. Practice tracks work hand-in-hand with the Dots Method.

Play Along With Real Music

Once you can form just two chords, we begin playing in time with real music. By the second or third lesson, students are strumming with songs like Sweet Home Alabama, Back In Black, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. You can choose what songs you want to learn. ‘Session training,’ that is playing with real music, is key to our approach.

Intermediate & Advanced

We offer intermediate players a way to cover all of the techniques you need to play modern music.

When you’re finding your way in music, it’s easy to get stuck. There are many un-productive avenues, and a lot of ways to flounder and waste time. This is where an experienced teacher and good practice tools can really help.

Band Preparation

If you’ve ever played in a group situation, then you’ve already discovered that your success in the group depends completely on your preparation. We’ve all had the experience, in rehearsal or at the gig, of wishing we had prepared better.

Here again is where it’s important to make the best of your limited practice time. The answer is an effective routine of session training designed around the individual parts that you’re trying to improve. Session training is our central strategy for band preparation, and no one is better at session training than the instructors at Percussion Center!

Your Personal Lesson Page

You get your own private lesson page with links to lesson videos and practice tracks. Part of your lesson is making sure you can play along with the tracks on your lesson page.

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