Campfire Guitar Program

You can be the star at the next tailgate party, beach party or cookout.

Percussion Center’s Campfire Guitar Lesson Program is designed to jump start your chord strumming skills. The goal is for you to be able to strum along with popular campfire songs.

Best of all, you can choose the music you want to learn. We will create custom song lessons especially for you, if you ask for a song that is not already in our catalog.

We will have you playing along with real songs so quickly, your friends will be amazed. “I didn’t know you play guitar…”

You don’t have to read music. This is a play by ear approach. You don’t have to learn any theory. There are 11 basic chords. If you can learn their names, then it’s easy to list chord changes in order for a particular song.

The ‘Dots Method’ & Guided Practice Routines

The ‘Dots Method’ uses colored adhesive dots applied to your guitar neck to make it easy to learn chords and scales. Our library of play along practice tracks and videos work with the Dots Method.

Your Personal Lesson Page

You get your own private lesson page with links to lesson videos and practice tracks. Part of your lesson is making sure you can play along with the tracks on your lesson page.

Call or contact us to set an appointment, or for more information.

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