Rock Lessons for Bass Guitar

The Houston Percussion Center offers lessons on bass guitar in a variety of styles.

The bass guitar is a twentieth century instrument. Its sound is the foundation of modern popular music in every style. There are songs that don’t include guitars or drums, but very few that don’t include bass, usually a bass guitar.

Bass guitar is different from guitar in several ways. The bass is a polyphonic instrument, but it almost always plays single lines. The bass requires fewer  techniques than guitar. It can be an easy instrument to play, but it’s a difficult instrument to get good at. It’s large, and takes some strength to control.

The mental component to playing bass is as important as the physical. A good bass player knows how to create good bass parts. That’s part art, part science. The main role of bass in an arrangement is to add melody to the drums, especially the bass drum. Bass lines define the roots of the chords in a song. They define rhythmic accents. But at any time, the bass can leave that role and play melodic fills.  Seventies power ballads like ‘We May Never Pass This Way Again’ and ‘Seasons of My Life’ are good examples of melodic, almost free form bass lines.

The Percussion Center’s Rock Program for Bass uses a shape-based, play by ear approach, simple scale patterns, and easy physical conditioning routines you can do  while you watch TV. Most beginning students are playing in real time with a simple song from the first lesson. Your lesson routines will be posted to your personal  lesson page, and works from any device.

Call or contact the Houston Percussion Center for lessons, or more information.

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